Dog Tags


“Are you ready?” he whispered from behind me, his breath hot against the back of my neck. I felt the hairs there rise up on end. I swallowed. My mouth was too dry to answer out loud, so I nodded my affirmation. The next thing I felt was a strong steel cuff closing around first one wrist, then the other, locking them securely in place. I didn’t have to test the strength of the chain between them to know that I was well and truly bound…

This polished bronze steel pendant is perfect for any lover of bondage. For those who like to be restrained the provocative design lets everyone know that you’re ready to play with the image of a pair of open handcuffs and a single simple word: “Ready”. For those who prefer to be the one wielding the cuffs rather than wearing them, the inscription on this dogtag pendant can be viewed as a question. Are you ready? With this wonderful little piece, you’d better be!

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