Restrained with Steel

Are you looking for a subtle way to reveal your desires or a discreet way to claim someone? Fetish jewelry can be a good way to wear your kink with pride without offending others. Unless someone looks closely at it they won’t notice what it symbolizes. This kinky designer ring that features a pair of handcuffs that can be a little secret between you and your partner. It is suitable for dominants and submissives or even a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. If you are a dominant, you can enjoy the feeling of power as you think of standing by your partner and snapping the cuffs around their wrists, securing them and being the one who decides when to let them go. If you are into your submissive side, you can enjoy the feeling of being powerless, imagining heavy cuffs locking on your body. As ring slips on your finger you’ll be reminded of the cold metal of handcuffs against your soft, warm skin.